Rockets Can Be Fun – Episode 2

There were so many ways in which rockets could be entertaining …

September 2006

 One of the electrical substations on my contract roster is used as a launch base for rockets and mortars lobbed onto base.

 The contract is a pain in the ass. The project is located within an oil facility so the Oil Police (a deeply corrupt organization) take the opportunity to wave their guns at us every time we visit, trying to deny us access. The private guards at the site have flat angry eyes that beam hate. The project is months behind schedule, and the French and Turkish contractors lie to me daily about why that is (incompetence and inexperience), claiming first security problems, then shipment delays, then MOE disagreements, then design flaws … the excuses are endless and laughably transparent.

The Brits have some system that can track a rocket back to its launch point. Their rules of engagement have changed, so they’re now able to take advantage of that knowledge. When we receive incoming, they hone in on the launch point of the rounds and pop a few mortars back.

 I’ve taken to amusing myself with fantasies of the Brits scoring a direct hit on the electrical substation with some well-aimed mortars, taking care of that problem contract for me. It sure would be nice to get management off my back about that stupid substation.


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