EFP Hit: my account of what happened

In late November 2007 the PSD vehicle I was traveling in was hit with an EFP near Nasiriyah Iraq. Here is my account of the incident, written just after I was released from Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

I had just closed my eyes, hand propping up my head, elbow on the door handle. It was the end of a long day of construction site visits, and now only a few minutes out from base. I’d long ago quit paying attention to what was passing by outside the window and lost track of how far we were from the rest of our security convoy. This team seemed to travel with a half kilometer or more of road between wagons and I hadn’t seen the IP (Iraqi Police) escort for awhile. Not knowing the two security men in the front seats well, I hadn’t chatted with them. Some men preferred to rivet their attention on the environment; they weren’t talking with each other so they might not welcome questions or comments from me. The team was running on closed mic, a stupifyingly dull way to travel in the back seat of an armored Land Cruiser, cut out of the chatter of hyper-aware security men informed by multiple sets of alert senses. As a passenger I’d hit the familiar point of being artificially lulled into a secure boredom.

All I heard was a ‘pop’ …

The sound of a champagne cork from one hundred meters. The Microsoft sound of opening a new window. A finger snap from across the office.

— The rest of this account can be found on the page entitled THE HIT.


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