Mad Moments – 2

October 2006

In an unpredictable and wildly popular role reversal, Boss Tom was unexpectedly the instigator of our only (public) mad moment during the Resident Engineer’s conference held at HQ earlier this week. In the course of a group discussion, Colonel Jeep mentioned the city of Al Amarrah, a trigger-word for our slap-happy staff ever since LTC Corviday invented the Al Amarrah taunt, a butt-wiggling, hand flapping, thoroughly juvenile nyaaah-nyaaah dance described in a previous journal entry.

Utterly ignoring the fact that he was in full view of at least fifty people and that Colonel Jeep himself was speaking, when Tom heard the magic words Al Amarrah he turned around to catch my eye, raising his hands up to frame his face and shaking them, wiggling his body while quietly calling nyaah-nyaaah!

Tom was seated so he couldn’t wiggle his butt around properly, as is normally required when performing the taunt, but he managed well enough without the butt wiggle that Crowsie and I quietly busted up laughing.

His eye no doubt caught by the small ruckus we were creating, Colonel Jeep kept talking but shot Tom a very strange look.

 (And Tom was worried about our behavior …?)



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