Mad Moments – 3

November 2006

Against the advice of the doctors, LTC Corviday checked himself out of the clinic last week for fear of contracting something worse than the 105F fevered flu that he’d checked in with. He has since described the Brit Mil hospital as a mouse-ridden, filth-coated germ incubator. Still quite sick, after his breakout Crowsie spent two additional days holed up in his own hooch.

When he finally emerged, Crowsie was not his usual jocular self. Morose and quiet, for the past three days he’s been sighing deeply while staring blankly into the distance, only occasionally engaging in whatever mayhem happens to be taking place around him.

Tonight at dinner someone asked him how much longer he’d be stationed in Iraq. Crowsie sighed deeply, staring off into space. Not long, really, he said quietly with a perfectly straight face. Ten months. Just ten months and a wake up…

A spark of life …!

Later he danced down the aisle of the DFAC singing I’m so sexy to myself, strongly suggesting to his worried friends that he is solidly on the road to recovery…



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