Those PSD Teams – December ’06

With no provocation at all, Taz mooned Anna Lee and me just before he disappeared out the office door tonight. Though a rare glimpse of a male body shorn of clothing is rare enough here to be (more than) welcome entertainment, the moon was a disappointment for Anna Lee. She keeps hoping for a good look at his shrapnel scars, not his bum.

It may look as if there’s a good body under this clothing, Taz tells her, but believe me, there isn’t! It’s nothing you want to make yourself sick over.

I’d like to be the judge of that, she mutters to me, wagging her eyebrows.

The youngest man on one of our PSD teams, Taz is a nutty Brit kid with a mobile face and a laugh for everything. He was hit with an IED earlier this year and still carries some shrapnel in his back, a fact that he uses judiciously to good advantage. When the shrapnel set off airport security scans during a recent visit to the States, he coyly admitted to having been hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq and was escorted to his gate, then immediately (and repeatedly) upgraded to first class on flights. He mentioned the shrapnel in Vegas, earning comped rooms and a few hundred dollars in chips. He claims to have been swarmed by beautiful women in an Arkansas bar, all clamoring for his attention, convincing him — and with this face! he squeaks incredulously — that he’s a very handsome chap.

Each evening this week Taz has entertained us with stories of amusing adventures. Last night he topped them all with an hour of detailed, X-rated tales relating mishaps with sex toys that he and his girlfriend tested while he was on leave last month.

Well it’s dull at home after the first week, isn’t it, he concluded when we were already sick and dizzy from laughter. I hadn’t meant to leave her hanging upside down so long – I was just laughing too hard to be of any use to her!

(We know the feeling … )



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