Those PSD Teams – September ’06

September 2006

We’re driving down dirt tracks between farms, each farm outlined in dirt berms that delineate its boundaries. Gaz asks me how land ownership works here.

Do you just stake out a piece of desert, plow up some berms and call it your own? Gaz muses aloud.

I asked Boss Tom that question, I tell him.

He’s been around awhile, Gaz said turning in his seat to nod at me. So how does land ownership work?

By dispute, I tell him, grinning. He laughs.

What are you two on about, Craig says laughing, shaking his head, never taking his eyes from the road. Planning on staking out a homesite for retirement in scenic Basra Province? Fifty-two degrees Celsius and a stash of AK’s! Interesting plan …  He rolls his eyes.

Gaz and I gaze out our respective windows at the desert, then he nods, approving with some private thought. It’ll be a nice country one day, he says quietly, pensively.



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