The Pauses – 3

Summer 2007

Boss Dave told me that last year a woman here in camp hid an Iraqi in her room.

She was kind of a big woman, Boss Dave told me, so you know, we’d watch her eat a normal meal at the DFAC, then take a box stuffed with food back to her room … we thought she just ate a lot. No one guessed that she was feeding an Iraqi man hidden in her room.

I asked how long he lived there, thinking maybe she got away with it for a week or two. I don’t know for sure, Dave said. A couple of months or so.

A couple of months – !

The man would sneak out at night to walk around a little bit, Dave told me. That’s how he was caught.

This is weird enough that it sounds like bullshit to me, a camp legend, but more than one person has confirmed it.

What possible ending did they envision for this situation, the woman and the Iraqi? It’s not like she could eventually stuff him in a duffel and spirit him out of the country on a C-130.




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