Joost The South African – 2


 Spring 2007

Joost taught me how to make a petrol bomb today. I’d share the details of his recipe here if I knew no one would try it at home, but when people are not in a war zone they might be more likely to be a bit too curious about exploding objects while being less than discerning in the application than are those of us in a war zone. We have legitimate applications for these things. Joost claims there’s no better way to get rid of a derelict trailer that’s cluttering up camp than to toss a petrol bomb in one of its broken windows (first taking the precaution, of course, of moving it away from the semi-derelict trailers that the engineers occupy …).

When I’d memorized the petrol bomb instructions, we contemplated the possibility of designing a bitumen bomb. Two hundred metric tons of bitumen are sitting at the site waiting to be put to good use, and since the contractor doesn’t seem interested in using it to actually build the road …


Well, we’re still working on the design. Bitumen is a tricky substance.




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