Mr. H & Iffat


The man who wrote this letter to me in the winter of 2006-07 was one of the Iraqi engineers on my staff. He has two sons in their teens, and while they were growing up, the family lived in a three by three meter room. With the money Iffat earns now, he’s having a proper house built for his family.

Mr. H was a contractor’s engineer on one of my projects. His thirteen year old son was kidnapped in front of his house, and held for five days before they found him. Three or four months before that, the same man’s father was kidnapped. The father was held for twenty days before they could pay enough money to the kidnappers to have him released. Through all of this, Mr. H’s mother was very sick with cancer.

Hello Seren,
Mr. Ali called me just now and told me that his son was released
and he is in his home. You are absolutely right that Iraq is
a hard place to live in but what can we do, the other choices
are very hard. some times i think that i must go out side to
protect my family and to build a good future to my sons but
it's not easy. When i was in Libya, some of my Friends traveled
and went to Europe and they asked me to go with them, i told
them that Iraq will change to a paradise after the collapsing of
Saddam's regime so we don't need to go outside Iraq to live
because the foreign people will come to Iraq for work and tourism,
also i told them that all our problems are from one source which
is Saddam but i was wrong.

Many thanks,




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