Who Goes There: Intro

Close quarters in the war zone were a given, and that reality could be challenging, aggravating or downright unpleasant. It was also, at times, a magical combination of personalities that made the whole experience gain immeasurable value.

When I first arrived in-country, people at home emailed me to ask what sort of people work in Iraq. Some seemed to assume that I was surrounded by adrenaline-jacked US Marine wanna-bes. Others implied that it must be lonely being the only woman, or the only liberal, or the only liberal arts-educated person within shooting distance (so to speak). 

None of those assumptions were true. The people that I worked and lived with ran the gamut from back country hicks lacking high school diplomas to PhD’s, adrenaline addicted macho yahoos to sweet little old ladies, neo-conservative Republicans to radical leftists.  For the most part, politics and education didn’t much matter, as politics weren’t discussed and education was only as valuable as the individual’s ability to apply pertinent knowledge, utilize some creative problem solving, and hang on to common sense. A quick wit cut across all boundaries.

In this collection I’ll try to provide profiles of some of the more memorable characters that I had the shining fortune and the dark misfortune to work and live with while in Iraq.



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