Who Goes There: Lt Willy Beal

Lt Willy Beal – BCH Resident Engineer

Being the Resident Engineer for the Bestest Children’s Hospital (BCH) makes Willy our poster child for meaningful assignments: his son is a leukemia survivor.

Essentially a glass-is-half-full man, Willy will dwell on a problem only for as long as it takes to identify it as such and brainstorm a solution. If a solution isn’t imminent, the subject will be dropped. He wants to be happy, and he wants the people around him to be happy. A warm and sympathetic man, he’ll hold a friend’s hand for as long as necessary as long as it is necessary – just don’t whine.

Routinely dropped into positions above his skill level, Willy quickly ramps up to take on the challenge and inevitably proves himself worthy in short order. He meets adversaries honestly, with straightforward facts and common sense interpretations, earning him high marks from everyone that matters. Unearned self-importance and power plays are swiftly derailed by his forthright manner.

(What is it with Navy officers? They’re all competent, common sensical, and easy going. The Navy is doing something right that the Army must too often be doing wrong … )

Voted second sexiest eyes on base, Lt Willy Beal is a tall, handsome, barrel-chested man with a charmingly enthusiastic admiration for women. Utterly committed to his wife and children, it’s universally agreed that his affectionate attentions are cozy and comforting, protective and platonic, assuring that his hugs are welcome and highly valued. (Well, appreciated anyway … none of us women would much mind should his moral compass run adrift one evening … !).

Defining actions and characteristics:

  1. If he’s missing, check a woman’s office
  2. Second sexiest eyes on base (brown)
  3. Oakley half jackets (love the shades, babe …)
  4. Great hugs at exactly the right time
  5. Good with the suntan lotion

Why he stays:

Because he has to – tell him he can leave and watch how fast he hustles his ass aboard a C-130. He likes the job and thinks it’s valuable, but he didn’t volunteer to come to Iraq.

[All names have been changed – OS]



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