Who Goes There: LTC Corviday

LTC Corbin Corviday, a.k.a. Crowsie, Resident Engineer

LTC Corbin Corviday is a forty-something Reserve officer who started out as a naïve hick from the back woods of Alabama. He grew up with the build of a rugby player, the intelligence of a Ph.D., and the wit of a lunatic. A devoted family man, he spends half his time in Iraq mooning over photos of his wife and kids, recounting the latest news from his wife and kids, and worrying over family issues that have become quite complex since he was deployed. He feels guilty that his wife has been left alone to deal with two teenagers, an elementary school age daughter, a small dog, and a parent whose failing health incites one difficult drama after another. Try dealing with that via internet. It’s surprising that he can squeeze so many outrageous actions and jokes into the remaining hours of each day.

Occasional attacks of conservative Christian conscience move Crowsie to attempt the rare back porch conversion. Though temporarily pissing people off, the fact that Crowsie isn’t gauche enough to persist (and that he stops short of inserting God and Jesus into every subject), these lapses are forgiven.

Whereas we civilians volunteered to be here, as a Reserve officer, Crowsie was ordered to Iraq for a year. Perhaps for that reason, he is generally more sane and realistic about the inherent dangers of living in a war zone, at the same time he’s one of the first to crack a joke about it. His colonel’s insignia doesn’t affect his sense of humor; it only gives him a little more confidence in confronting fellow officers with differing opinions and unpleasant facts. Tactful yet forceful, he won’t back down from attempting to check foolishness in the business realm of our lives, and we love him for it.

Defining actions and characteristics:

  1. The Crowsie pounce crouch
  2. I’m so sexy to myself  (original song)
  3. The Al Amarrah taunt
  4. Unwavering devotion to family

Why he stays:

Because he has to – tell him he can leave and watch how fast he hustles his ass aboard a C-130.

[All names have been changed – OS]



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