Counting My Blessings In No Particular Order … Installment 01


  1. One good eye!
  2. Central heating: never underestimate the pure luxury of this ridiculously easy comfort
  3. Thick beautiful woods outside the back door, changing with the seasons
  4. Hot tub!!
  5. Friends, friends, friends all over this crazy world
  6. My sick sense of humor
  7. Aunt Ginny
  8. Colors! Subtle colors, wild colors, saturated colors, gentle colors … colors!
  9. Wide skies of Wyoming
  10. Microscopes … everything is new and full of wonder viewed through a microscope. What an amazing world …
  11. Smart dogs, well-trained dogs, young dogs, old dogs, athletic dogs, comforting dogs, seeing-eye dogs, soft and furry dogs
  12. Stuck-up cats, independent cats, hunting cats, wonderfully coordinated cats
  13. The amazing, ludicrously rich choice of foods that we have
  14. Aunt Elner and her healing hands
  15. Books!
  16. Money … what a brilliant trade idea. It’s so much easier than trading jewelry for  some wood then trading the wood for a hammer, then trading the hammer for light bulbs then trading the light bulbs for the one thing you really needed, some meat. Money! Yay!
  17. The beautiful white world of snow
  18. Memories of Antarctica … glaciers, killer whales spy-hopping, crazy penguins following me around like curious two year olds, Mt Erebus smoking, seals and whales underwater sounds (wow!), Scott’s hut, the clarity of the water, brilliantly colored sea stars, the Trans-Antarctic range, that one island …
  19. Leaves that turn color in autumn
  20. The sound of rain on the roof

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