Counting My Blessings Episode 02

  1. Tiny snowflakes sparkling in the early morning air, turning the world into a magical dance of light
  2. Hot summer nights on the quiet desert, stars casting faint light and hot air just barely moving against my skin
  3. The rich smell of creosote bushes after rain, and the sharp-warm scent of sagebrush after rain, and thick heady odor of sweet clover freshly mown …
  4. Water! What a curious and beautiful substance … solid but not; transparent but not; soft but hard … it’s changeable and intriguing.
  5. Snow so cold it crunches and squeaks under my boots.
  6. Good nurses! Woo hoo!
  7. Personable, skilled doctors!
  8. Clothes. Aren’t they fun? It’s so fun to see how other cultures dress themselves – sometimes I wish I could dress like different cultures each day. Instead I wear kind of dull, easy clothes.
  9.  The way lights look at night when your eyes are dilated: every light has rays like a sea anemone made of light. Beautiful.
  10. Trees: oak, maple, hackberry, cottonwood, willow, aspen, jacaranda, … trees leaves and bark and roots; the shade they give, the sound of their leaves in the wind, the way they filter sunlight, their shifting colors and woodsy smells.
  11. Hot baths!
  12. A good belly laugh
  13. The weird and kind of creepy animal sounds coming from the woods at night
  14. The sound of a mortar when it hits; that rich symphony of sound in a split second, with the attendant physical bump so that sound and feel end up being one and the same.
  15. Reliable electricity … it makes many, many things incredibly easy and painless. (Think laundry!)
  16. The smell of coffee
  17. Chocolate
  18. Stones. Rocks. Agates. Crystals. Walls of rock, and little pebbles on the shore and sand and boulders … every one has a personality.
  19. Dreams. Dreams.
  20. Dancing

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